1. Professional Information Management Services
        1. Library Administration
          1. Invoice review and payment, acquisitions, subscription conversions, budgets.
          2. Cost reduction and subscription conversions from print to electronic.
          3. Contract negotiations with publishers for online legal service providers.


      1. Records Management Expertise
        1. Conduct a records inventory of physical and electronic records.
        2. Create a records retention schedule, execute defensible destruction.
        3. Negotiate and administer storage contracts.
        4. Legal research for records retention requirements.


  1. Professional Clerical Services
      1. Library Services
        1. We have a team of professional loose leaf and document filers. They are fast, accurate, efficient and knowledgeable. We can do it 2x faster and we’re better at it, because this is what we do!
        2. We provide technical services: check-in, routing, opening and sorting library mail, book processing and re-shelving.


    1. Records Services
      1. We do document and records filing.

Why Use Us?

We’re Accurate, Reliable, Experienced and Efficient!

Our professional expertise and continuing education keep us abreast of the latest trends. We offer extensive, flexible library support, ongoing, short-term or one-time services for special projects. No job is too small or too large for our team.